Our Culture and Team

Creating a legacy through serving others
Our purpose is to transform the hospitality industry by improving lives through our culture of care. Simply put, it means we take the very best care of our guests, our communities, and most importantly, our teams. Our greatest ambition is to elicit genuine joy from each and every guest, community, and employee we serve.
“Employees should be treated with dignity, consistency, and respect. They are the most important asset to the Jeff Ruby Experience.“
Jeff Ruby


Our family is made up of over 800 passionate, talented, experienced, and dedicated team members. A team committed to excellence. A team that grows together and supports one another. Our success is because of this family and we’re always looking to add to it. Start your Jeff Ruby career today!

Our Values

Icon of a suitecase

In 1963, a 15-year-old Jeff Ruby ran away from a troubled childhood and left home to raise himself. Upon leaving, he vowed to pack light so as not to be burdened by his past or by things that didn’t matter. When he walked out of his childhood home for the final time, everything fit into a small white suitcase. Today, we know that suitcase carried much more than just a few personal items of minimal worth. It held one man’s dreams and aspirations. It held thoughts, ambitions, and confidence. It held a set of core beliefs and values that drove him…beliefs and values that laid the foundation for an inspired life and helped build the remarkable company we know today.

THE SUITCASE represents what we are because of Jeff Ruby. It embodies who we are at our essence, what we stand for, where we are going, and the JOY we bring to our communities every day.


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Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment

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