Beechwood High School Speaking Event 4.29.13 by Jeff Ruby

It was my pleasure to be asked to speak to the kids at Beechwood High School. Little did I know there would be a quiz to see if they had paid attention. They sure did! God bless their hearts. The questions they answered pretty much explain why I do what I do. The kids listened to every word, never taking their eyes off of me! It was time well spent, especially for me. I love doing this…Here are some of the excerpts from their "Jeff Ruby Quiz".

Describe Jeff Ruby’s childhood and high school years regarding school, family and sports?

In high school he said he was a straight F student with no aspirations in life. He moved out of his mom’s house and moved into the YMCA and later a retirement home. Then he became an all state linebacker and wrestler...

Jeff had a rough childhood. He ran away from home when he was 16. At one point during school he had all F’s. He started playing football his freshman year and was the worst on the team, but by his senior year he was the best. He also wrestled. Jeff became good at wrestling and football...Read More >>

A Note On My Interest In The Drew Peterson Trial 8.31.12 by Jeff Ruby

As a long-time advocate for victims of crime, and a victim of crime myself, I was drawn to the families of Drew Peterson's alleged victims after witnessing the public conduct displayed by the husband of two women and the mother of his four children after their tragic deaths. As a father of three children and surrogate dad to two fatherless sons I found this behavior repulsive.

When the alleged killer's attorneys followed their client's mockery of these deaths with their own injudicious public display toward the victims, I was compelled to show my support for the remaining victims, their grieving families...Read More >>

What 5 stars really means to me... 7.09.12 by Jeff Ruby

Recently we have been fortunate enough at the Precinct to receive national awards, exposure and PR. In the past few months, we were voted by as one of the Best Steakhouses in America. Last week, NY Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia publically endorsed us as his favorite restaurant to The NY times and Open Table named us one of the best restaurants in the nation. Though we are elated to have such prestigious recognition, I must admit, there’s something sweeter about seeing our 31-year-old steakhouse win 5 stars in The Cincinnati Enquirer. Our staff has one goal, to give our guests The Jeff Ruby Experience. Polly Campbell’s 5 star Extraordinary Award means we are giving Cincinnati something special. Something they won’t find in many places. I am so proud of Our Chef, Sean Kagy for his creative touches to such a classic menu, to my son, Brandon for leading his team to excellence, and my Precinct staff for not only providing the best service but [quite frankly] making me look good. They are the real reason we got this award and I want to sincerely thank them for carrying on perfection for the last 31 years.

First Blog Post 5.31.12 by Jeff Ruby

Words cannot express how proud we are to launch the new, "beefed up" JEFFRUBY.COM. It seems too fitting that this coincides with June being National Steakhouse Month. Steakhouses are woven into the fabric of American culture. Eating meat dates back to cavemen. It is an American institution and the reason I originally opened Cincinnati's first Steakhouse, The Precinct; because let's face it…sitting down and cutting into a big, thick, juicy steak gives a person a sense of accomplishment, a feeling that he's done alright for himself. He doesn’'t get that same euphoria sitting down and biting into sweet 'n' sour tilapia.

Our employees and guests have made the Precinct one of America's Ten Best Steakhouses (USA Today) yet we pride ourselves on our culinary depth and now have brought even more talent to take all of our places to another level. With that, we launched the new website to give back to our "foodie community". We are happy to share techniques, recipes, and demos that have put us on the map. I especially look forward to blogging, sharing my own personal beliefs, ideas and philosophies. You've been good to me, Cincinnati. Because of you, we have grown, and taken our brand to many other cities. This is just one way to express my appreciation. Cheers!

Photo courtesy of Kareem Elgazzar